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Get a FREE Stem Cell Freezer!*


The R3 Stem Cell Partnership Program Now Offers a FREE Freezer

For providers who join the R3 Stem Cell Partnership Program, we are now offering the option for a Free Stem Cell Freezer on loan. The freezer we offer is first rate and goes down to -86°C. It is amazingly convenient for the following reasons.

  • R3 will fully monitor the temperature 24/7/365 and you will be notified immediately if the temperature rises too much so product is NOT lost.
  • You can have product on hand so when patients sign up for a procedure there is no wait. Products include amniotic and/or umbilical stem cell materials along with exosomes, which are tops in the industry with high cell counts and a perfect safety record.
  • Save on shipping fees or hassles with FedEx/UPS delays.
  • Each freezer has a 4 year full warranty.
  • The freezer fits under a counter, holds plenty of product, and plugs into any 3 prong outlet.
  • You can also transport products between clinics as the freezer plugs into a car outlet too!

Benefits of Having a Stem Cell Freezer through R3

Marketing for Patients

R3 offers first rate marketing to help acquire new patients. This includes marketing for free consultations, seminars and webinars. R3 has an answering service that vets all the leads!

We also have several graphic designers who have put together posters, brochures, banners in addition to a waiting room video.

Additional Revenue

Regenerative medicine procedures are not covered by insurance. Doing just two cases per week will add an additional $400,000 of top line revenue to the practice! 

No Waiting Time

By having product on hand to use, you will not have to wait when a patient is converted to perform the procedure. Also you will save on repetitive overnight shipping charges.

Treatment Protocols

Not only does R3 offer marketing, email drip campaigns, great products and videos, we also have a lot of best practice treatment protocols for our partners. In addition, if a peer to peer is necessary that is available too!

Consumer Guides

R3 Stem Cell's Founder and CEO David Greene, MD, MBA, has written a Consumer Guide to Amniotic and Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy. This Guide is available to all of R3's Partners as a digital and hard copy version. Patients love it!

Ready to Get Started?

R3 Stem Cell has over 40 Centers of Excellence nationwide and the providers have performed over 14,000 successful regenerative procedures. You will not find a better company to partner with!